1. There is no limit on the theme, type and playing mode of the candidate work provided but it must be original. In case of collective works, an approval must be acquired from the primary developers.
  2. The name, theme, graphics, text and playing mode of the candidate work must conform to Chinese laws, regulations and code of ethics. No porn, violence, bloody, crime-inducing or politically implicit information.
Winner of the Best Game Gold Award in the 2018 Contest


The method of entry and the materials to be submitted are as follows:

Requirements on submittal

  1. Application form & Description document:Click to download “Application form”( PDFWORD ),and have it filled, sealed or signed.
  2. Game installation package:fully functional and playable, at least including core playing mode of the game.
  3. Game footage:being able to fully display the core playing mode and interaction mode of the game.
  4. Game pictures:original concept images, screenshots and other pictorial materials to clearly demonstrate the game’s theme.
  5. Game Planning Document:if there be.

Language requirements

Application form & Description document  should be filled out in Chinese , English or Japanese.


The registration materials should be uploaded to the webstorage ( Such as Dropbox etc.) . Please send the link and download password to the mailbox: xiamengamecontest@hotmail.com. The title of the email indicates “Game Contest Registration + Game Name”.


  1. A completely filled and signed (or sealed) application form is the prerequisite for valid registration. Deadline for receipt: 23:59 October 15, 2019.
  2. Each contestant shall be the author or legal owner of the work. In case of a collective work, the contestant shall provide a written guarantee to the legal ownership of the work. If such a written guarantee is not available, the work shall be registered in the name of all authors.
  3. All registered contestants shall be deemed to have authorized the Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Animation Festival to publicize and display the candidate works (in full or in part) for non-commercial purposes.
  4. The award-giving ceremony is scheduled in November 14, 2019. If the author of an award-winning work is an individual, the author must attend the award-giving ceremony in person; if the author is a group, the representative of the primary developers must attend the ceremony in person; if the author is an enterprise, the enterprise must dispatch its vice general manager or higher-level management to attend the ceremony. The award winners need to attend the special event for introduction of their work. The Organizing Committee will arrange a media interview upon approval of the award winner.

Legal issues

  1. All contestants shall be legal owners of the candidate work who enjoy the copyright and bear the corresponding legal responsibilities. The contestants shall separately bear all losses and liabilities arising from any claims against the candidate work and indemnify the losses of the Organizing Committee if such claims thereto generate severe impacts on and bring losses.
  2. The author shall enjoy the copyright of the work. However, the Organizing Committee has the right to show and display the candidate works on relevant media during the contest.
  3. The Organizing Committee does not restrict the contestant to attend any similar contests or relevant commercial activities beyond the period of this contest. However, the contestant shall bear all consequences arising from any conflict with the rules of other competition organizers or relevant organs.
  4. All contestants who submit application form will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted the Organizing Committee’s regulations. All disputes shall be submitted to Xiamen Arbitration Committee for settlement through arbitration.
  5. The Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Animation Festival shall enjoy final rights to interpret the detailed rules.
Winner of the Best Game Silver Award in the 2018 Contest